LA Weave Hair Extensions
The smallest and safest extension method

LA Weave extensions can be used to to transform your hair.

Lightweight and Comfortable

These extensions use mini micro link to attach weft hair to your own. The beads and hair are reusable for up to a year and can be used in even the thinnest hair due to its pin head size links.

Reusable & Affordable

once applied you can reuse it over and over again! Glue & heat Free this allows the hair installed multiple times. These extensions last up to a year with our gold and platinum range of Remy hair, which is very economical

Suitable For Thin to Thick Hair

LA Weave method is suited for the thinnest and thickest of hair, in fine hair wefts are easily and discreetly hidden. and hair wefts doubled up can be applied to thicker hair.

Safe & Innovative Technology

The links applied with, strand by strand individual bond extension pieces. This allows your hair to move freely with no stress applied to the hair follicle. Quality human hair is used in these extensions, making them look and feel completely natural.

Our expertise

Nano Rings Hair Extensions London Nano rings

Extra thick Luxury Human Remy hair. we have extensions that are custom made for the perfect match and blend, purely natural looking hair extensions with our damage free expert application with any of our experienced specialists.

Unlike other companies our hair extensions salon comes direct to you with our VIP services, you have the option to use our salon or mobile option for both consultation and fitting application appointment

As suppliers to hair professionals and hair salons nationally you know your getting the best quality in the market for professional hair quality We are a East London based company with our client at heart and strive for greatness in every transformation.

The home of the luxury micro ring & Tape extensions
Welcome to Link Hair extensions London, the home of the best Human hair integrations and micro ring extensions. Founded in London by our team of, world-renowned Hair extensions Professional, stylist, teacher and judge for over 10 years ago, the company has an international reputation for producing beautiful bespoke, hair extension, LA weaves, micro rings, Cold fusion, Remy and Russian Virgin hair that feel as gorgeous as they look.

Our clients

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Nano Ring Hair Extensions by Link hair London Nano rings small reusable fittings in salon & mobile
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About us

Link hair extensions provides the very best in human hair extensions fitted with expertise and advanced techniques, not only nano to micro rings but also cold fusion, tape in & more.

Our mission

Our primary mission is to provide the highest level of customer care to each and every client, link is committed to providing the finest human hair extensions through our team of highly skilled & creative professionals.

Our offer

Nano rings are similar to micro rings and mini bead extensions, however, the traditional tip of the extensions is a folded small metal wire, this wire is pleated into a tiny nano bead along with your natural hair and the two are clapped together. Application time of 2-3hrs depending on your desired volume Maintenance recommended every 8-10weeks Half head 125 strands Full head 175-200 strands

Reusable Method for Extensions Link Hair London - LA Weave


LA Weave Hair Extensions London

Latest Weft Technique

The Micro ring weft technique also know as LA Weave. Fitted with the smallest and most undetectable hair extension technique available. Using micro weft hair that combines strands of natural hair with the extension hair no plaiting, no sewing required.

Long term solution

Apply Quality, Tangle Free, Silky Soft, Smooth, Gorgeous Straight hair. 100% human hair, no fiber, no synthetic, suitable to curl, dye, iron & straighten. High Quality Remy Hair : remy hair is  hair with cuticle tip all intact. Of the best quality hence, and can last several months and can be reused in most case.

LA Weave applications

The small size and lightweight nature of the micro rings means that extensions can now be applied in a way that where previously extension hair could not be attached. Causes no pain of braids no tensions with these Links bespoke applications ensure a seamless transformation

Glue free, heat free, durable

LA Weave Hair Extensions London - Link uses them as they are safe, re-usable and comfortable. Link recommends this method so often. LA Weave/ Micro rings create the perfect look weather natural or glamorous.

LA WEAVE Hair Extensions

These are also known as Micro Ring weft Hair Extensions are a convenient way to apply for hair extensions without the use of heat or glue. A pulling loop is used to thread the clients hair with Mini Micro Rings (also known Micro Links/ Beads). After the ring is on the client’s hair, part of the weft of hair is inserted into the ring and clamped flat together.

Easy, Simply, re-use LA WEAVE applications

With the LA Weave extension method applied you can go on wearing for a period of 3 to 4 months at that time. This method can be simply lifted up and moved towards the root during a quick maintenance appointment.

Extensions Ideal for long-term wear

After 3 to 4 months wear its best to have the wefts completely removed. Or replaced in different areas within allowing for rotation and optimal health of your own natural hair. Allowing you to wear them throughout the year cost effectively with no damage to your natural hair.


LA weave hair extensions London
LA Weave Micro ring weft
LA Weave Micro ring wefts human remy hair

Choose the perfect method of applying extensions - LA WEAVE / MiRCOring WEFT

LA Weave extensions gained significant popularity due to the fact that they are easy to use, reuseability, durability and discreetness. Also know as Micro Rings wefts, the perfect method whether your hair is thick or fine they are safe, secure and highly durable. When wearing micro ring wefts or also known as LA Weave you can safely style, blow dry, colour or dye your LA Weave extensions rings come in a range of colours to match the shade of Remy or Virgin extensions applied. Similar in method to traditionally sew in Weave hair extensions , also our specialism.

Frequently asked questions

One of the latest Hair extension techniques in which small line of your hair are pulled through a small bead or link and clamped shut with a special tool. Using copper cylinders lined with silicone to protect your natural hair. Glue free & heat free the most popular weft methods in recent years.

As one of the newest, this revolutionary method for adding length and volume, LA Weave hair extensions are perfect for transforming all hair types. Free from glue, heat, bonds, plaits and braids, there will be absolutely no damage to your natural hair

LA Weave hair extensions will last from 8 week to 16 weeks of wear. During that period maintenance may be required. This will often depend on how fast your own hair may grow. Its important to also follow the after care guidelines to make the most of your new lovely lengthened locks.

Firstly to best explain you need to know there are two categories to put these methods. These hair extensions methods of application are either strand by strand individual bonds or wefted methods. LA weave & Micro rings wefts are the same thing and both are wefted. Whereas micro ring extensions & nano ring extensions fall under strand by strand techniques of application.


Both are semi permanent and can last for months at a time. The extensions are not one size fits all for great advice on whats best for your hair type and desired results. Some find wefted methods easier to add the desired volume within a smaller area. Which can also be great when creating a full glam look especially with finer natural hair. 

LA Weaves an extremely versatile technique of applying hair extensions it combines elements of the old with the new. In terms of the results being similar to that of  traditional weave in (weft) hair extensions. You’ll also have tracks that will run from one side of the head to the other but unlike sew in weave there’s no need for braiding. Therefore much less tension on your own hair will be experienced. Rather than a entire strip of natural hair sewn into a braid and extensions sewn it on top, these allow for simple one step process. A seamless application that ends up laying much flatter against the scalp. Which results in an natural blend even on the shortest of natural hair suitable for length as short as 4 inches.

Please be aware of hair extensions aftercare guidelines observing these can dramatically increase longevity and health of extensions. not suitable for those with substantial hair loss or excessive thinning. any question please Contact Us

Want your dream hair but don’t know where to start?  Don’t worry we’ve got you. – Weather you want length & volume or just a splash of colour simply fill form below and send a photo in natural light and we will provide free colour match service as well as expert advice for choosing techniques.