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Most frequent questions and answers about our hair extensions
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Yes, you can touch roots up no problem as there will be few bonds in the T-section of the head. If you want to apply a dye to the entire head you can do so but you need to avoid the bonds as much as possible. we recommend only to darker shades as bleaching can be damaging and we do stock every shade and mixed highlighted shades in your inventory of extensions.  This can also vary depending on application method.

Yes, with some methods you can re-use the hair applied again for a further 3 months such as the glue free heat free methods like nano rings and micro rings, it can also depend on the grade of hair selected some last for 1 3 month period others last a year and can be re-used several times. methods like bonded hair extensions and cold fusion and tape require processing called rebonding then it can be reused.

Ideally no, you should not be able to see the attachments of the hair extensions with any method. However if you have very bleached hair, thin or fine hair there is a possibility the bonds may show through occasionally, for example if it’s a windy day or if your hair becomes greasy. Also if you have very short hair and opt for extensions we advise you to consult one of our technicians you may see the bonds if they’re place close to the top of the head. Your consultant will advise you on these things during the initial consultation.

Link Hair asks you to use Salt & sulfate free products on your hair which are designed for Hair extensions. You can buy online or request from us. Failure to use salt & sulfate free or another Bond certified product will void any rights to refund. You MUST keep conditioner directly away from the links themselves, you can condition the lengths of your hair, but coating the links in conditioner of any type may soften the bonds and cause them to slip.

Yes! We use 100% Human hair extensions so you can style your extensions exactly the same as you would your natural hair. we stock Real Human Virgin Remy Hair Extensions. European Hair, Russian & Brazilian Hair. Ombre Hair Weave, Clip in, Micro Ring, Micro Loops & Nano Ring Extensions

Our method include all of the safest and most widely used methods of application in the world and is favoured by models and celebrities. The extensions we use are made from keratin, skin weft tape silicone lined micro rings, this is a natural material so wont cause allergies. However you are welcome to a patch test one week prior to your appointment. The bonds are safe as long as they are maintained and removed correctly. If the extensions are abused or removed by someone other than a trained professional then there may be damage caused to the natural hair.

This varies depending on the methods  but all semi permanent types lasts approximately 3 months if taken care of correctly. They may require a top-up around the 6-week- 8 week mark, to keep them looking full for the duration of their life. You should take care only washing upright in a shower never over the bath & detangle prior to washing! 


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